Tuesday, May 9, 2017


And a month for all mother's.  This month we celebrate Mary as a newly pregnant mother.  She has just agreed to be the mother of our Savior and has learned of her elderly cousin's pregnancy and is hurrying to visit Elizabeth.  This is the Feast of Visitation.
            This is also the month of another Visitation, the 150th anniversary of the visitation of our mother to three poor children in Fatima.  As with all her many visitations, Mary pleads for our prayers and repentance.  She warns us of the horrors to come if mankind does not repent.  And, like the ancient Israelites we don't repent.  And the horrors come and come again.
            God must wonder what else He can possibly do for us, his wandering children, to bring us back to Himself.  He gives us many rewards, a beautiful garden, and only one rule, only one don't.  And we do.  He tests us and we test him back.  Each time we fail the test, each time He passes the test.  He gives the consequences he promises, and the love He said He would never take away remains.  We ask on bended knee and He forgives us.
            Goodness comes again.  If famine strikes the land, He gives us an escape route, Egypt.  When we forget Him, we become slaves to our sin.  When we cry out to Him he sends us Moses.  When we wander in the desert without food or water, he sends us quail and manna.  When Moses dies, he sends Joshua.  Later he sends the Prophets, then the Kings, and when we are so very evil, he sends us into captivity only to rescue us again.
            Finally under Roman rule, when we have perverted the Law into pieces so minute no one could obey them all, He send his Son to teach us and to give us a simple Law of Love.  Do we change, well maybe a few, there were always a few who really believed.  His Son and his message were crucified.  On the cross He left us His mother.  Who can't love a mother?
            So yes, most of us love Mary, though some think she is just another mother and wonderful but not someone to pray to when we need help.  So He sends her in various centuries, in various places, with the same messages.  Repent.  Pray for Conversions.  Pray the Rosary.
            No matter how miraculous, unusual, mysterious,  or unexplainable the manner of the message, over time  it remains the same.  The manner is like the bells at Holy Eucharist, an attempt to draw our attention, "please listen, this is important.  Your very future is at stake!"  And yet, do we listen, do we even hear the bells anymore?  Is it all just so much smoke and mirrors?   NO!   


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