Friday, April 14, 2017

Except in the Wounds of the Savior

Where can the weak find a place of firm security and peace, except in the wounds of the Savior?  Indeed, the more secure is my place there the more he can do to help me. The world rages, the flesh is heavy, and the devil lays his snares, but I do not fall, for my feet are planted on firm rock.  I may have sinned gravely.  My conscience would be distressed, but it would not be in turmoil, for I would recall the wounds of the Lord: he was wounded for our iniquities.  What sin is there so deadly that it cannot be pardoned by the death of Christ?  And so if I bear in mind this strong, effective remedy, I can never again be terrified by the malignancy of sin.
               Surely the man who said; my sin is too great to merit pardon, was wrong.  He was speaking as though he were not a member of Christ and had no share in his merits. As for me, what can I appropriate that I lack from the heart of the Lord who abounds in mercy? 
               But the piercing nail has become a key to unlock the door, so that I may see the good will of the Lord.  And what can I see as I look through the hole?  Both the nail and the wound cry out that God was in Christ reconciling the world to himself.  The sword pierced his soul and came close to his heart, so that he might be able to feel compassion for me in my weaknesses. 
               Through these sacred wounds we can see the secret of his heart, the great mystery of love, the sincerity of his mercy with which he visited us from on high.  Where have your love, your mercy, your compassion shone out more luminously than in your wounds, sweet, gentle Lord of mercy?  More mercy that this no one has than that he lay down his life for those who are doomed to death. (St. Bernard, abbot)
               Are we following Jesus?   Are we loving, merciful, compassionate?  Do we even know the whole Jesus, or are we left with a Catechism Jesus we learned about as children?  Have we become closer to him?  Are we reading the Bible, attending classes or retreats?  If we are homebound, do we listen or watch Catholic programs?  Do we accept our sufferings as a sharing in the suffering of Jesus, or do we ask, “Why me?”  Rather ask why Jesus?  Why not me?  What have I done for Jesus lately? (kvs)

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