Friday, April 14, 2017

Spreading Our Sails of Trust

I am well aware, almighty God and Father, that in my life I owe you a most particular duty.  It is to make my every thought and word speak of you. In this matter the declaration of my intention is only of limited value.  For the rest, I need to pray for the gift of your help and your mercy.
 As we spread our sails of trusting faith and public avowal before you, fill them with the breath of your Spirit, to drive us on as we begin this course of proclaiming your truth.  We have been promised, and he who made the promise is trustworthy: Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you. 
               There is an inertia in our nature that makes us dull; a laziness in our habits and in our attempt to penetrate your truth we are held within the bounds of ignorance by the weakness of our minds.  At least this is our excuse for not studying your word.  Yet we do comprehend divine ideas by earnest attention to your teaching and by obedience to the faith which carries us beyond mere human apprehension.  This is the mystery of our faith taught by our Church through our deacons, priests, and Bible teachers.
               This Lent, let us study more, attend Mass more often (for it is a mortal sin not to keep holy the Sabbath Day), and teach our children by words and example, bringing them to Faith Formation and then to Mass with us.  Our behaviors teach more than our words.  If we value our faith, and become one with the Church and its offerings, then our children will see its value too. 
               We will pray for our needs.  We will study the sayings of your prophets and apostles with unflagging attention, and knock for admittance wherever the gift of understanding is safely kept.  But yours it is, Lord, to grant our petitions, to be present when we seek you and to open when we knock. 
               Through the prophets and apostles we know about you, the one God the Father, and the one Lord Jesus Christ.  Impart to us, then, the meaning of the words of Scripture and the light to understand it, with reverence for the doctrine and confidence in its truth.  Guide us to attend instruction and Bible Study.  Teach us that we may encourage our children in seeking to know you more.  Grant that we may express what we believe, and act as though we truly believe.       Kvs with  St. Hilary, bishop

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