Thursday, April 20, 2017

Go Into Your Room

First of all, I urge that petitions, prayers, intercessions and thanksgiving be offered for all men, especially for kings and those in authority, that we may be able to lead undisturbed and tranquil lives in perfect piety and dignity.   (from the first letter of the apostle Paul to Timothy)
               Offer God a sacrifice of praise and fulfill your vows to the Most High.  If you praise God you offer your vow and fulfill the promise you have made.  So the Samaritan leper healed by the Lord's word of command, gained greater credit than the other nine; he alone returned to Christ, praising God and giving thanks.  Jesus said of him: There was no one to come back and thank God except this foreigner.  He tells him: Stand up and go on your way, for your faith has made you whole.
               The Lord Jesus, in his divine wisdom, taught you about the goodness of the Father, who knows how to give good things, so that you might ask for the things that are good from Goodness itself.  He urges you to pray earnestly and frequently, praying often and with perseverance.
               He tells you that every place is a place of prayer though our Savior says: Go into your room.  By "room" you must understand, not a room enclosed by walls that imprison your body, but the room that is within you, the room where you hide your thoughts, where you keep your affections.  This room of prayer is always with you, wherever you are, and it is always a secret room, where only God can see you.
               If each one prays only for himself, he receives less from God's goodness than the one who prays on behalf of others.  But as it is, because each prays for all, all are in fact praying for each one.  In this way there is a great recompense; through the prayers of each individual, the intercession of the whole people is gained for each individual.  There is here no pride, but an increase of humility and a richer harvest from prayer.                          (from a treatise on Cain and Abel by Saint Ambrose, bishop)
               Go back to the very beginning of this article.  Are we praying for our leaders?  Are we praying for those in authority over us?  Or, do we simply rant and rave at the wrong that they do?  If each of us prayed for the President, the Supreme Court, Congress, or the state of Michigan, or the county of Montmorency what changes could take place!  kvs

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